Insta-learn on creativelive

Who doesn't love Instagram?  Within the past 2 years it seems that Instagram has exploded into the must be on social media platform.  Although I have had an account for a few years, I just started really utilizing it in the past couple of months.  It's pretty simple to post a photo with some emoji's and hashtags... so I thought...  

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Craftsy Class Review

I am a dedicated Craftsy student!  My Craftsy curriculum spans from fashion sewing to serger sewing to quilting, and a couple odds in ends like photography and kitchen knife skills (well that one was a freebie!)  Hopefully you will find my reviews helpful when you are looking for a class to sign up for! 

A couple weeks ago I had a road trip to a cousin's wedding and my husband did all of the driving - woohoo!  My husband has this cool tech gadget which is basically a portable wi-fi.  Soooo, I was in Craftsy heaven in my passenger seat watching my new Creative Quilting with your Walking Foot class taught by Jacquie Gering.  I still have a few lessons to go (there is a lot of content in this class) but I feel confident in rating this class a 5 Star (out of 5 stars).

I love it when a class is filled with a few key gems of new info. and techniques.  I feel like my money was well invested when I learn some cool time-saving tips and tricks.  For example, making registration marks with painters tape for keeping machine quilting lines in check.  This may not be new to most quilters, but for me it was brilliant!  I have taken two machine quilting classes (live, in person classes) by different shops and instructors - neither of them mentioned registration marks....whaaat?!  There is so much great info. taught in this class starting with an in depth look at walking feet and how to get the most out of them, basic machine quilting, into utilizing decorative stitches on your machine, and super cool modern quilting designs.

Jacquie Gering's class is full of machine quilting gems.  That said, I am new to machine quilting, however, there are newer modern quilting techniques that a seasoned machine quilter would find very useful.  You can find Jacquie's class here,2